It was a beautiful day out on the water despite the feeling that fall was in the air and a light NW wind was blowing. We encountered the large group of I15 matriline, a large family with four sisters each with their offspring that now number collectively a total of 17 orcas who travel together and a wonderful family to spend time observing especially when they are in a large resting line as they were for part of their travel through Blackfish Sound this morning. It is always a joy to see them in such a relaxed and comfortable manner and frustrating to also see when a boat or two seemingly do not care and continue their travel without either slowing down or changing course around the orcas; we ourselves were under full mainsail at the time of our viewing which our passengers enjoyed. Pacific White-sided Dolphins were also in the area interacting with the orcas and swimming amongst them while parallel on the other side a Humpback Whale was close by also feeding. The lighting at the time of our viewing with a backdrop view looking towards Blackney Passage and the direction of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve on Vancouver Island was stunning. Other sightings today included: Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Dalls Porpoises, Harbour Seals, Rhinoceros Auklets, Red-necked Phalaropes, Common Murres, Belted Kingfishers, Bald Eagles, Mew and Herring Gulls.

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