A mysterious day beckoned us when we headed out this morning into heavy fog but it was not long before the curtain of fog began to lift slowly revealing islands and the marine life living amongst them. There were harbour seals hauled out and swimming in the water, mothers and their pups, bald eagles and their nests with an eaglet sitting in one of them was wonderful to see. Later, a single pacific white-sided dolphin swam by and then suddenly a large group could be seen close and far away. It was fabulous watching their antics and as dolphins always do they made everyone on board feel happy and glad: some were cruising along keeping pace beside the boat and riding at the bow while others were leaping clear of the water and then, as suddenly as they had joined us they were gone feeding in the opposite direction. The day had warmed up considerably and the sun was shining when we stopped to watch as a stellar sea lion ate a large salmon that it had caught. Other sightings today included: dall’s porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, oyster catchers, pigeon guillemots, red-necked phalaropes, belted kingfishers and great blue herons.

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