We quickly made our way out into Blackfish Sound, at one point we were accompanied by 8-10 bow riding dall’s porpoises and passing a humpback whale while en route on the fast flowing ebb current we were soon in sight of resident orcas. They were the A36 brothers: A37 & A46 and they too made good headway on the ebb current, travelling parallel to each other, 100 meters apart. The brothers were taking the same route as they had done so yesterday, making their way out towards the Penfold Islets. We turned back and caught up with a humpback whale foraging near Bold Head and enjoyed our viewing while watching large numbers of rhinoceros auklets and common murres who had gathered and were also feeding nearby. Travelling home via the picturesque calm waterways of the Plumper Islands, the kelp forests, hauled out harbour seals, (mothers and their pups), bald eagles and their nests, black oyster catchers, belted kingfishers and black turnstones, all added to the natural vibrant beauty of the day. While homeward bound to Alert Bay, a minke whale crossed our path surprising all onboard. It was an amazing day enjoyed by all! Other sightings included: marbled murrelets, california, mew and glaucous -winged gulls.

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