Orcas were reported travelling west from the west end boundary of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve and we headed in that direction encountering them foraging west of Little Kaikash Beach. The A30 matriline and the A25’s (A61 & A85) went furtherest west and turned ahead of the A23’s and A39 (from the A30’s); all of them began heading back to the east with the A23’s and A39 in the lead, all were very close along the Vancouver Island shoreline. We turned back as they were nearing Izumi Rock on their way back to the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. While Johnstone Strait was clear of fog, it was heavy as we went by Weynton Passage on our way home, drifting out from Blackfish Sound and the Queen Charlotte Strait. Other sightings today included: dall’s porpoises, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murre, california, mew and glaucous-winged gulls, bald eagles, fork-tailed storm-petrals, and pigeon guillemots.

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