An exciting day!

Bigg's (Transient )  Killer Whales aka Orcas

Bigg’s (Transient )
Killer Whales
aka Orcas

In front of  Alert Bay

T063 in front of Alert Bay

Cruise ship passing

Cruise ship passing

Orcas were reported heading west from Beaver Cove this morning and two of our guests from Germany, staying at our ‘On the Beach’ suite hoping to see orcas, were able to do so. The four orcas were sighted travelling between Alder Bay and Alert Bay, they were identified as Biggs Transient Killer Whales: T065, T063, T65B & T65B1. The photo’s of the orcas posted were taken by our guests Stephanie and Mateous. Other photo’s were taken from the deck of our ‘On the Beach’ suite looking out over the bay just as a cruise ship came into view on its way south from Alaska.

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