On our tour today

When we headed out on tour this morning the day was overcast and the sea very calm and empty of boats, it was so nice being out there! Going slowly by the the Stephenson Islets we sighted a myriad of species that included hauled out harbour seals, mature and juvenile bald eagles, herring gulls, pigeon guillemots, harlequin ducks and oyster catchers. Several small groups of dall’s porpoises were sighted feeding nearby while surf and white-winged scoters could be seen on numerous occasions flying by, low over the water,  some heading east while others flew west; rhinoceros auklets were also in the area. Cruising through Weynton Passage several more hauled out harbour seals were sighted and some stellar sea lions who were swimming in the water. As we entered Blackfish Sound and began making our way east, the blow of a humpback whale was suddenly glimpsed off Bold Head. We had fabulous viewing of the same humpback whale that we had sighted yesterday, it was foraging in wide circles moving west and east in Blackfish Sound. The dive sequence today varied, we observed it taking 5-10.5 minute dives with 3-9 breathes between dives. At one point the whale surfaced near the bow of the boat as we waited drifting in the current, it was a great surprise for us all and the viewing was superb!

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