Humpback whales, bow-riding dall’s porpoises and a feasting stellar sea-lion


While fog hung low throughout our tour, we so enjoyed viewing an abundance of marine life of various species, shapes and forms. The first humpback whale that we sighted was near the Plumper Islands. Listening for a blow and following the sound of its breath, we all waited in anticipation and suddenly we encountered the large fluke disappearing before us beneath the water.  When the whale resurfaced we counted it taking eight breathes and timed its dive of seven minutes, a pattern that was repeated. We next encountered a Stellar Sea Lion and observed its fishing antics with great interest, the sea-lion would dive and resurface with a good sized salmon each time, thrusting it about with vigour and attracting gulls by his action, all hungry to grab snippets of his feast.  It was exciting for everyone when we encountered a single Dall’s Porpoise riding alongside the bow of our boat followed by some 10+ other porpoises who rode alongside for several more minutes. Breaking out of the fog momentarily into the Queen Charlotte Strait we also observed three more Humpback Whales. Other species also seen today: Harbour Seals ++(hauled out and swimming), a Great Blue Heron, Red-Necked Phalaropes, Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, Bald Eagles, Black Oyster Catchers, Ruddy Turnstones, Herring, Mew and California Gulls.

One thought on “Humpback whales, bow-riding dall’s porpoises and a feasting stellar sea-lion

  1. Dear Maureen and Dave,

    We joined in at the 1rst of August and enjoyed every minute on board. I would like to thank you both for your professionality, the lovely home baked scones and muffins and above all your deepest respect for sealife. I will all my friends recommend to book an excursion with Seasmoke Whalewatching. As I didn’t have the proper equipment to make good pictures, you would be very helpfull sending me above photographs by email.
    With best regards, Doran van Wamel, Netherlands (booked by Nature Trek)

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