In the joyous company of dolphins, small and large!

IMG_0007 IMG_0022 IMG_0029 IMG_0034 IMG_0052 IMG_0066 IMG_0073 IMG_0082 IMG_9985We shared a wonderful day on the water and while our time with the orcas (I15’s) was brief and our viewing distance with them was from the boundary of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, it was a fabulous time that we all enjoyed. From numerous parts of the world we had gathered: Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain and the USA, a wonderful blending and sharing of cultures and dialects and all of us appreciating the spontaneous viewing and photography of marine-life in the wild. So, it was very exciting that shortly after leaving Alder Bay this morning that Dall’s Porpoises joined us briefly, they were bow riding alongside while simultaneously, we had a close encounter with a Minke Whale when one suddenly appeared near the boat. The next sighting found it travelling towards Cormorant Island and following this, it was seen behind us and moving in the direction of Yellow Bluffs off Cormorant Island. By its appearance, we know that at least one Minke Whale (Bolt) is still in the vicinity of Alder Bay and Cormorant Island. Continuing to the east in Johnstone Strait, with the fog clearing in places yet heavy in others, it was wonderful to see the clearing widen and soon we could see a very large group of Pacific White-side Dolphins travelling to the west towards us. It is never easy estimating large gatherings such as these  but there were at least 200+ – possibly 400 dolphins, they were spread across Johnstone Strait and listening to their vocalizations via our hydrophone with their chatter clearly audible while they foraged and frolicked around us was simply astonishing and fantastic to see and experience! Time with dolphins is always time well spent, the energy that they exhibit is joyful, playful and uplifting and one cannot help but smile and feel happy in their presence. We encountered this group of dolphins twice, we also encountered a second smaller group of some 150 dolphins also travelling west in Johnstone Strait near the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. The orcas during our viewing time remained at the rubbing beaches inside the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, at one point moving west and then back to the east. With the sun shining bright and the sea sparkling and calm, it was time for our guests to partake of their Devonshire Teas and relax and enjoy the ride home, happy in the knowledge that a special part of their holiday in B.C. was spent in the joyous company of dolphins both large and small! Also seen today: Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres, Harbour Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Fork-tailed Storm Catchers, Red-necked Phalaropes, Surf Scoters, Belted Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons, a Peregrine Falcon, a Turkey Vulture, Bald Eagles and Gulls.

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