Still glowing in the aftermath of yesterday’s majestic Humpback Whales ~

Humpback calf: Stitch IMG_1857 IMG_1859 IMG_1959Early this morning a full rainbow arched across the bay directly out in front, it was a beautiful message and gift at the start of this new day. The aftermath of yesterday’s tour with all of its extraordinary sights and sounds still glows fresh in my mind, likewise, that of so many amazing tours this season. It has been a fabulous summer shared with like-minded people who came from all corners of the world (and mingling with a fascinating mix of Cultures and dialects) to see the whales and dolphins who inhabit our local waters in the summertime. The Humpback Whale “Slash” shown in photo’s yesterday, shows the traumatic injury to her dorsal fin where she no longer has a fin, her body also has slashes across the top of her body, both injuries caused by a boat propellor some years ago. Meanwhile, her young calf “Stitch” is growing fast and we can only hope that it will return each summer for many years to come. Learning its way now from its Mother, it is a truly wondrous and courageous feat for one so vulnerable and young! These photo’s posted today were taken on yesterday’s tour.

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