Three Humpback Whales and a Minke whale

What a beautiful day we shared with the sighting of a Minke Whale soon after leaving the dock in Alder Bay. The  whale was foraging in the flooding current and after viewing three surfacing’s we did not see it again. It was very exciting seeing the blow of a humpback whale heading west towards us in Blackfish Sound and soon found ourselves swirling in the current in Weynton Passage along with three humpback whales. Having enjoyed the presence of one, we discovered a second one followed by a third that we identified as Guardian when it surfaced nearby.  Unfortunately our camera was left behind today by mistake and so we do not have any photo’s to post. There were numerous bird species including pigeon guillemots, rhinoceros auklets, harlequin ducks and bald eagles. Stellar sealions and dalls porpoises were also seen. It was a beautiful sunny day that we all so enjoyed!

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