Two Humpback Whales ~ a beautiful tour

After several days of NW gales blowing, today’s light wind conditions and sunshine made for a gorgeous day out on the water. After viewing harbour seals and stellar sea lions hauled out with some also swimming in the water, we sighted the blow of a humpback whale far down in Blackfish Sound near the Parson’s Island light and as we came closer we realized that there were two humpback whales swimming side by side. At one point we observed them working their way slowly, feeding close along the Hanson Island shoreline. We identified one of the whales as being KC who was born in 2002 and feeds often in our local waters, from now through fall and we are waiting confirmation on the other whale. We had thought it to be ‘Nick’ (called after the nick in the dorsal fin) but ‘KC’ has been reported as having a substantial nick in its dorsal fin as well now. On the way home we had a brief viewing of a small group of Dall’s Porpoises feeding.

* Thanks to Christie for the update, the second whale that we saw was likely Arial.

IMG_3102 IMG_3109 IMG_3085 IMG_3084


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