Lunge feeding humpback whale ~ see photo’s posted on the blog earlier today

What a wonderful day we all enjoyed and while we had partial cloud cover, there was little wind and the day became a warm and sunny one. We enjoyed viewing an eagle sitting on its nest, small groups of dall’s porpoises feeding as well some stellar sea lions with one hauled out and looking very majestic while sitting high up on the rocky shore and well above the high tide line. We continued scanning with our binoculars across and down Blackfish Sound looking for whales and while doing so, a minke whale surfaced twice briefly and disappeared before passengers had a chance to see it and although we waited patiently, we did not see it surface again. We were well down in Blackfish Sound and having glimpsed a bait ball in the distance with gulls and bald eagles feeding intensely, we headed in that direction when suddenly a humpback whale surfaced parallel to us and we realized that it too was making its way towards the bait ball. It was a great surprise to all of us as there had not been any blow or fluke visible in all the waters that we had scanned. With rhinoceros auklets, gulls and eagles feeding on the surface, the humpback whale suddenly appeared lunging up through the bait ball, our surprised passengers were speechless and the viewing was phenomenal! One can never be prepared for the first ever sighting of a humpback whale lunge feeding nearby, the sheer size and speed at which they thrust their bodies forward is remarkable for one so large, the sight and sound being clearly imprinted in one’s mind. Also seen today: harbour seals, a great blue heron, surf scoters and pelagic cormorants. Cruising home via the scenic waterways enjoying Devonshire Teas was a fitting finale to a beautiful day well spent on the water. This whale has now been identified thanks to Jackie as Arial.


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