Three humpback whales ~ quiet and relaxed viewing

Back at the dock, happy twins Charlotte and Gabby with Dad about to disembark

Our tour was one of quiet and relaxed viewing of three humpback whales, a fourth we cannot confirm with certainty but the other three we can.  The first blow was seen near Little Weynton Island and in time, two humpback whales were seen travelling towards us in the flooding current of Weynton Passage. They moved together in close proximity and with their surfacing and diving sequence, it was mesmerizing and beautiful to watch. As we neared the Plumper Islands, looking backwards a third humpback whale was seen, it too was making its way west through Weynton Passage while looking far out into the top end of Blackfish Sound we thought there to be a fourth whale diving. The sighting of this whale was never confirmed, it could have been one of the earlier whales but the distance between sightings and timing of it and them, appeared to be too far. It was a fabulous viewing in very quiet waters with small groups of dall’s porpoises feeding nearby. Also seen today: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, bald eagles, pigeon guillemots, rhinoceros auklets, pelagic cormorants and surf scoters and marbled murrelets.  IMG_3323

IMG_3246 IMG_3272 IMG_3286

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