Humpback whale viewing ~ KC

It was a gorgeous day on the water with sunshine and light wind for sailing with our main sail. Across the top end of Blackfish Sound the blow of a humpback whale was seen in the distance with the whale making its way to the west and taking long dives. We decided to travel further east in Blackfish Sound and encountered KC, a humpback whale frequently seen during the summer months in our area. KC was initially observed making its way west along the Swanson Island shoreline and after a 15 minute + dive, it surfaced across Blackfish Sound and favouring the Hanson Island shoreline it began heading east. It was a really nice encounter with good visuals of the fluke and dorsal fin being seen We headed home via the island waterways with sunshine  warm upon us. Also seen today: stellar sea lions, black oyster catchers, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, cassin’s auklets, pelagic cormorants, bald eagles and glaucous-winged gulls.  IMG_3425 IMG_3435



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