Two humpback whales and bald eagles fishing ~

We enjoyed a fabulous day in the sun with NW winds blowing and were excited to see the blows of two humpback whales in the distance down in Blackfish Sound. As we neared the area dozens of bald eagles were observed fishing over a bait ball and the viewing was spectacular as the eagles came in one after another to grasp the herring in their talons and take flight. As we drifted in the ebbing current, one of the humpbacks (KC) was seen lunge feeding through the bait ball while a second whale  (Inukshuk ) was seen feeding near the Hanson Island shoreline and at one point suddenly breached clear out of the water taking everyone by surprise. The pulse of nature’s energy today was phenomenal.   IMG_3600 IMG_3618 IMG_3625IMG_3549 IMG_3520

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