Humpback Whales ~ magical moments!




Stripe and Chunky





It was a fantastic day of viewing humpback whales with there being six in the area today and we spent our time viewing three of them. The first whale we observed was Horizon in Black Fish Sound while another was seen in the distance off Bold Head. While we were sailing and enjoying our time with Horizon, two more humpback whales were suddenly seen making their way in our direction, coming in quickly off Donegal Head in the flooding current. It was wonderful to watch the two whales, Stripe and Chunky, swimming companionably together with almost synchronized  timings in their surfacing and diving sequences. Our time today included many “magical moments” of which everyone on board S.V. Tuan thoroughly enjoyed! Early on our tour this morning we observed a herring ball on which a large number of bald eagles were fishing and it was extraordinary watching as they flew in to grasp at the herring on the water surface and then fly off with the herring in their talons. Also seen today: harbour seals, black oyster catchers, dall’s porpoises and rhinoceros auklets.IMG_3881 IMG_3895 IMG_3898 IMG_3904 IMG_3929 IMG_4104

One thought on “Humpback Whales ~ magical moments!

  1. Your pictures are fantastic Maureen! I look forward to your posts every day now that the tours are going again. Barb

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