A Trio of Minke Whales, KC the Humpback Whale and bow-riding Dall’s Porpoises!

What can I say, it was a fantastic day with so much happening along the way! A minke whale was seen by some lucky passengers waiting for us in Alder Bay but it had cleared the area by the time of our departure. As we made our way towards Stubbs Island and passing Pearse Reefs in Cormorant Channel, dall’s porpoises were seen briefly ahead of a fog bank into which we were suddenly engulfed, the fog swirling around us while sunshine could be seen above, a humpback whale had also been reported in close vicinity. We headed towards Blackfish Sound and as the fog began dispersing quickly with a light breeze blowing, a humpback whale was seen and quickly identified as KC, a 12 year old whale who has frequented the area each summer since first arriving as a new calf with his mother Houdini, in 2002. It is always a treat to see KC, he never disappoints and he is also one of the easiest humpback whales in the area to identify. We travelled back via beautiful island waterways; in their glory today with golden kelp forests spreading far and wide with the Coast Range Mountains providing a breath-taking fusion of land, sea and water; it was collectively breath-taking. As we were making our way homeward, nearing Alert and Alder Bay’s, two Minke whales were suddenly seen surfacing together, a kilometre away. What joy to see the two, surfacing almost simultaneously, while travelling together and then unbelievably a third one surfaced just behind the other two! Amazing and extraordinary to see a trio of Minke Whales! The minke whales have been identified thanks to Jared as being: Bolt, Eclipse and Rapid all three of which are documented in Jared’s Minke Whale Catalogue 2011 and also (www.mersociety.org/researchminkes.htm). Also seen today: harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, black oyster catchers, herring gulls, pigeon guillemots.

Testimonial of the day by Reena and Dan: The Seasmoke Whale Watching trip was a lot of fun. Weather was gorgeous and the sea was calm. We got to see lots of dall’s porpoises and seals and got to hang out with a humpback whale named KC! Maureen and Dave were a lot of fun, have a lot of great information on the area and are very knowledgeable about the local wildlife. Huge bonus: fresh baked blueberry muffins w/tea & coffee in the morning and my absolute fave- fresh scones, jam and cream with tea on the way home. Actually the huge bonus just happened right after writing the above. We just spotted 3 minke whales right out of Alert Bay! A rare sighting! It was amazing! This tour was definitely worth every penny for the great sightings and views.KC ~ Humpback Whale IMG_4368 IMG_4380 IMG_4398 IMG_4404 IMG_4415 IMG_4423 IMG_4436 IMG_4441 IMG_4483 IMG_4549


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