Two Humpback Whales and hundreds of Dolphins with spectacular viewing!

It was a most wonderful day with sunshine warm upon us and a glassy blue sea and sky in our surroundings! Shortly after we departed on our tour this morning, bald eagles could be seen feeding on a bait ball while using the Pearse Reefs from which to launch themselves close to the area to feed, watching and waiting while rhinoceros auklets and common murres worked hard at bringing the herring up to the surface and then off they would fly to feast on the herring themselves. A humpback whale was sighted in Weynton Passage with a second one around the corner in Blackfish Sound and we so enjoyed a quiet time watching while they surfaced and dived and with long dive sequences, and the current ebbing, we could never anticipate at where they would surface next. Even while listening to their blows, at times we could not see them in the shadows along the shoreline. Dall’s porpoises were nearby feeding and a small group rode briefly at the bow of our boat when a small black-tailed deer was seen making its way along the rocky shoreline, licking the salt from the kelp as it went. We all watched entranced while it made its way around the exposed rocks and to safety back up on a grassy knoll on the island. That was a special viewing observed from a distance whereby our presence went unnoticed by the deer. The highlight of the day for everyone would have to be our encounter with several hundred pacific white-sided dolphins. From a distance we could see them all spread out and soon they were upon us and all around and it was a joyous ride that they and we all shared. One cannot help but laugh out loud and feel their joy, their delight at swimming along beside us, as we made our way slowly back was obvious and several swam alongside for a considerable distance while others could be seen far and wide; all were moving towards Blackfish Sound. Words cannot describe our own joyous wonder at what we were all so privileged to witness today.

Testimonial of the day by Paul and Gemma from the Netherlands:

Maureen and Dave, Thank you so much for a wonderful voyage. We feel being in contact with nature again. Also appreciate your knowledge about it and last but not least your delicious muffins and scones! It was great!!IMG_4983 IMG_4984 IMG_4995 IMG_5041 IMG_5081 IMG_5089 IMG_5138 IMG_5152 IMG_5203 IMG_5247 IMG_5254




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