Biggs (Transient) Orcas, Humpback Whales and so much more – captivating viewing!

July 7, 2014

What a beautiful and intriguing day, unbelievable! Our first sighting of a humpback whale was in Weynton Passage and our second one at the top end of Blackfish Sound while a third one was seen down the bottom end of Blackfish Sound. It was then that we learned that Biggs (Transient) Orcas had been sighted at Blinkhorn and that they had turned and were making their way back to the west. We made our way into Johnstone Strait via the Island waterways of the Plumper Islands and were soon seeing a group of 5 orcas making their way towards us. They were identified as the same group who have been in the area for the past several days, the T109A’s (matriarch T109A born 1990 with her three offspring juveniles: T109A2, T109A3, T109A4) and travelling with them, T12A a male born in 1982. We observed as they made their way around reefs and then Little Weynton Island, going slow and back tracking. We watched as harbour seals slipped back into the water and at the same time a humpback whale suddenly surfaced in the near vicinity of the orcas along with a lone stellar sea lion. As bait balls began appearing in Weynton Passage in the flowing current gulls and bald eagles were observed fishing intently upon them, and finally after we turned  back, a group of pacific white-sided dolphins suddenly appeared and joined us alongside as well bow-riding. It was a remarkable day with so much marine life to view. Also seen: dall’s porpoises, stellar sea lions hauled out, rhinoceros auklets, common murres and pigeon guillemots. IMG_5489 IMG_5493 IMG_5498 IMG_5555 IMG_5561 IMG_5569 IMG_5579 IMG_5691 IMG_5676 IMG_5645 IMG_5589 IMG_5486

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