Humpback whales, dolphins, wind, waves and sunshine ~breathtaking and brilliant!

It was a windy day with NW gales building throughout and the energy of the wind and waves made it an exceptional day to be out on the water. We sighted our first humpback whale in Weynton Passage but as we made our way towards it, it disappeared out through Weynton Island Passage into Johnstone Strait. We carried on through the Plumper Islands into Blackfish Sound passing some stellar sea lions fishing on a herring ball and then we saw the unmistakable blow of a humpback whale above the surging waves near Parsons Light. Herring balls were forming in the heavy flooding current with rhinoceros auklets, gulls and bald eagles feeding on them while the humpback whale continued to work its way along the edge of the current. The whale would take two breaths and disappear on a deep dive while the current swirled wildly around us and then out of nowhere pacific white-sided dolphins appeared, feeding intensely, they would ride alongside at the bow of our boat briefly and then continue on to feed. We travelled back through the Plumper Islands and in the surging current of Weynton Passage while they were enjoying their Devonshire Tea, passengers were ecstatic to suddenly see a humpback whale (Argonaut) surfacing close by. It was an impressionable day as wind, waves, whales and dolphins combined in breathtaking brilliance!

Testimonial from today:

Maureen and Dave, Thanks for the wonderful experience! All was great….the landscape, the whales, the dolphins and the sweets!!! Wow! We will always remember this fantastic adventure!! Annick and Keven ~ Quebec

Dave and Maureen. We have an amazing day on your sailing trip. The hospitality was good and we love the muffins and scones with jam and cream! The whales and dolphins, it was very nice to see that! It was a lovely day! Many greetings from Bert and Toos ~ HollandIMG_5866 IMG_5872 IMG_5873 IMG_5911 IMG_5897 IMG_5892 IMG_5876 IMG_5925 IMG_5927 Humpback Whale ~ Argonaut ILooking down Johnstone Strait with Mt Derby  in the background IMG_5859


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