Massive herring ball in the Bay ~ the table is set!

It lasted perhaps an hour, a massive herring ball in front of Alert Bay and while we have seen them often before across the bay and towards the Nimpkish River and Vancouver Island shoreline, this one this evening so close in the Bay and just off the deck of our suite ‘On the Beach’ was fantastic to watch with our guests Alicia and Danny from Eltham, Vic, Australia. The sounds of the gulls caught our attention and the huge flock of gulls that had gathered was amazing. Bald eagles flew in to fish as well but after a few attempts at diving in low to grasp at the herring at the surface they gave up and flew off, we saw one trying to catch a gull instead unsuccessfully. The massive gathering had diminished in size greatly before any photo’s were taken. What an evening it has been with the beautiful BC ranges in the background. Being in the moment to see and appreciate it all is living in paradise! After the gulls departed, the herring drifted in even closer and soon just the sound of them on the surface of the water, like waves lapping gently on the shoreline, was all that we could hear. It is very still just now and peaceful and we await the full moon to appear!IMG_6358 IMG_6367 IMG_6369 IMG_6384

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