Where living is paradise!

It was again a gorgeous day on the water with not a breath of wind, glassy grey and overcast early on and later with the sun beating down, in moments the sea and sky were a brilliant blue! It was fabulous making our way slowly through precious island waterways with marine-life in abundance, enjoying the quietness of our surroundings while listening to black oyster catchers, their young threatened when a bald eagle flew low, their cries were heard and one brave bird flew off in attack of the eagle. There were many harbour seals to observe of varying colours, they were well camouflaged as they lay hauled out upon the rocky reefs. In Weynton Passage dall’s porpoises joined us riding at our bow which was delightful fun for all of us as we watched their gleaming black and white bodies darting back and forth below the water. Two humpback whales were sighted nearby moving slowly in the Passage, at one point they came together and then parted way’s, one headed towards Bold Head (Argonaut) while the other (Split’s) began making its way east in Blackfish Sound. At one point we watched as a small group of dall’s porpoises played around and alongside of one of the humpbacks. We travelled home via the Plumper Island’s, the waterways are always a treat to travel through slowly and today the kelp forests sparkled with the sun bright upon them. On such a day, one cannot help but be so thankful to be living where we do….in  paradise! Also seen today: stellar sea lions, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, marbled murrelets, double-crested cormorants and bald eagles.

Today’s penned comments: It has been a great pleasure for us to join the trip on your boat. We saw eagles, seals, humpbacks and porpoises. It was great to watch them in their natural environment which is something we should all be very keen on. Thanks. Ben and Yvonne ~ The Netherlands

Fabulous as before! Lots of humpback action and other marine mammals and seabirds. The best part is the terrific information Maureen provides. It makes a huge difference and is much appreciated. Thanks for a great trip. Gail and Ken ~ Vancouver Island.IMG_6180 IMG_6225 IMG_6229 IMG_6278 IMG_6321 IMG_6322 IMG_6331 IMG_6334 IMG_6339 IMG_6348

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