Humpback Whales in their element of wind and waves and breaching!

It was a fabulous day with strong NW winds blowing and sunshine which was welcomed after recent days of heavy fog in the waterways that we travel. It was at the top end of Blackfish Sound that we sighted our first humpback whale and while it passed us heading to the west quickly in the ebbing current, we carried on and could not believe the number of humpback whales present towards the bottom end of Blackfish Sound with five more counted spread across the Sound, possibly six with Argonaut among them! Ahead of this we had bow-riding dall’s porpoises which was truly exciting, especially for the children onboard. One of the humpback whales could be seen breaching and tail lobbing a distance away which all added to the atmosphere of wind, waves and whales and it was extremely exhilarating for everyone watching. We made our way back through Blackfish Sound passing more dall’s porpoises and a small group of harbour porpoises. It was amongst the Plumper Islands that passengers enjoyed a quiet time of viewing pristine waterways with bald eagles soaring and perched on high, with eagle nests with one eaglet seen in a nest, and kelp forests flowing in the current; it was quietly beautiful, travelling slowly and all while partaking of our Devonshire Teas. Nearing Alder Bay a minke whale was sighted and a second one shortly after!

Today’s penned comment: 

We had such a beautiful time, enjoyed every lasting moment, not in my dreams would I ever think or imagine it being so beautiful. Well instructed and well taking care of and very well informed, like being on a science tour. I’m from the Island but this really brings home how beautiful our Island is! Best tour in our life time!!

Judy Rumley ~ Duncan, BCIMG_6722 IMG_6734 IMG_6753 IMG_6754 IMG_6755 IMG_6756 IMG_6765 IMG_6770 IMG_6771 IMG_6780 IMG_6474

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