Wonderful day sailing with Humpback Whales!

It was a fantastic day that we shared sailing in strong NW winds that were stronger than yesterday and with our main sail reefed, our passengers and crew all enjoyed a superb sailing experience with three humpback whales. The first humpback whale that we saw was off the Plumper Islands, it was seen just as we were making our way through one of the scenic waterways when we observed a herring ball with gulls and eagles flying overhead and glimpsing a small portion of a dorsal fin among the waves! It was fabulous watching as the whale circled back and forth working a small area where rhinoceros auklets were also seen feeding, and close to a rocky shoreline in some fairly sheltered waters. Further out from the shoreline in the top end of Blackfish Sound two more humpback whales were seen travelling together and we enjoyed our time sailing with them as well as seeing a small group of dall’s porpoises close by while off in the distance one of the humpback whales was seen breaching and tail lobbing. We cruised back through gorgeous waterways looking at eagle nests that included two eaglets each in separate nests and numerous juvenile and mature bald eagles. Also seen today were stellar sea lions swimming, harbour seals, common murres, pigeon guillemots, oyster catchers, black turnstones, herring and glaucous-winged gulls. It was an exhilarating tour filling all of our senses to the brim and blowing away all of our “minds’ cobwebs”, we could not help but feel alive and so invigorated by the beauty and magic that was shown to us today.

Today’s penned comments: Russian family of four want to say a huge thank you for the amazing trip! We saw whales (backs and tails), dolphins and sea lions, eagles and other birds. You bake lovely muffins and scones Maureen! Your team really like what they do and we are really lucky to be with you all today!

Olga, Evgeni, Maria and Anna ~ now living in B.C. Canada

We had an unexpected wonderful, awesome sailing tour!! Couldn’t have been better. Kind of windy weather which made it very attractive. Seen some humpbacks, dolphins, sea lions and even a bald eagle with a baby on a nest! The fresh baked muffins and scones were absolutely delicious!! Thank you very much! Also the explanation of everything we saw was great. Thanks again!

Bert and Suskia ~ the Netherlands.IMG_6795 IMG_6822 IMG_6845 IMG_6855 IMG_6863 IMG_6867 IMG_6889 IMG_6891 IMG_6898 IMG_6902 IMG_6906

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