A Tribute to Plumper ~


You are gone
and a memory
you have now become
your tall, and striking
dorsal fin,
so clearly defined
across the years
and etched so clearly
in ones mind
and memory bank.
How beautiful you were
and you always will be so.

When we all think back
on those glorious days
of you fishing with your brothers,
so blissfully off Lizard Point
a favourite place of yours and they.
How wonderful it was
seeing you Plumper,
majestic among your brothers,
and they as well
beautiful boys
and brothers three ,
well loved by all you were.

And then it was brothers two,
you and playful Kaikash.
Now you have left him, and us as well.
We all grieve you collectively
as a dear friend passed,
yet we still feel your presence
out in the Strait’s and Sound,
perhaps that is because
we loved and miss you so!
Wherever Kaikash goes,
go you, and reminded of you
we shall aways be, dear beautiful boy.

by Maureen Towers

July 20, 2014



2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Plumper ~

  1. Well done, Mo! Sorry about the loss of your whale. One grows fond of the wild ones we become familiar with and know well. See you one day. Love, Anne

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