Remembering the A36 Matriline ~

A Tribute to all of them

Years ago we knew them all
A36 the Matriarch,
Sophia and her sons of three,
Cracroft, Plumper and Kaikash.
For research purposes and on the VHF radio,
we called them by their number,
A36, A32, A37 and A46.

The family tree was so small you see,
because the only daughter A44,
died sadly aged only two in ’75.
Alas no name was given to her,
and Sophia in ’97, was also gone
and with her passing the brothers three,
A36 boys and bonded brothers they became.

And so began what we all knew must be
an ending of their family tree,
when brother and oldest son, Cracroft
also fondly called Popsicle,
because of his enormous rounded
popsicle shaped dorsal fin,
was sadly gone in 2010.

Plumper and Kaikash brothers two
they plied our summer waters still.
Their mother held in great esteem
their Matrilineal family name
A36’s remained the same
but then as brothers two,
so dearly loved were you.

With a great sense of loss and sadness,
it appears that Plumper is now at rest.
Seen just once several weeks ago,
while swimming very slow,
and far behind his brother
it seemed inevitable to us all
that he too would soon be gone.

July 17th the dawning truth
when Kaikash came alone,
on past the Orcalab he swam,
strong and fast he entered Johnstone Strait.
He was back home again into familiar waters
where his mother and siblings had all once been,
yet this time now, he swam alone.

Up and down the waters
of Johnstone Strait,
the A36’s they had all graced,
long ago it seems, yet so easily recalled,
the lasting beauty of them all
dear Sophia with her sons of three,
endeared to all of us were they.

Brave heart, dear Kaikash carry on
just like your older brothers taught.
You the youngest now fully grown
you are the last surviving one,
Sophia’s only living son,
her memory, and that of your older brothers two,
Cracroft and Plumper, you keep alive for us, them all!

by Maureen Towers

July 20, 2014

A36 brothers

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