Humpback Whales and fantastic viewing of a ‘food drop’ into a Bald Eagle nest for two Eaglets!

We had another fabulous day of watching whales in the pristine and very scenic local waters that we travel in with wonderful viewing of some six or possibly more humpback whales! In the ebbing current this morning in Weynton Passage two humpback whales were seen feeding early on in our tour, they were moving in wide circles out into Blackfish Sound and then travelling back into Weynton Passage, ‘Argonaut’ was identified as being one of the whales. We made our way towards Bold Head where another whale was seen working in the kelp forest along the Swanson Island shoreline while two more were seen further north and as we scanned, at least one more was seen off in the distance. Herring ball activity was also seen with bald eagles fishing overhead on the herring at the water’s surface while rhinoceros auklets, common murres and numerous gulls steadily worked the area. Another of the whales that we identified was ‘Slash’, she was easily identified because she lacks a dorsal fin due to extensive boat propellor damage (scars can also be seen on her body and fluke). We cruised back through the Plumper Islands and while looking at a bald eagle nest in which we could clearly see two eaglets sitting high in the nest, a mature eagle appeared flying towards the nest with a fish in its talons and suddenly dropped the fish into the nest and then landed promptly on the nest, alongside of the eaglets. It was fantastic viewing  to be so close when this happened, to actually see the fish being “dropped” down into the nest to the awaiting eaglets. It was perfect timing for us and a very rare sighting! Two humpback whales were in the near vicinity as well and were, we believe the first two whales that we had seen at the beginning of our tour. Also seen today: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, black turnstones, dalls porpoises, belted kingfishers, salmon jumping++, bald eagles++ and a mink swimming and running up a rocky outcrop.

Today’s penned comments: Had a wonderful time, you’re a wealth of information! Beautiful scenery and of course, the whales were spectacular! ~ Sherri and Brent. Ontario

Great trip, great hosts. Loved all the wildlife we saw, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to explore beautiful B.C. July 29th, 2014 is also our 25th anniversary. ~ Graig and Rose, Ontario

Spectacular trip through the islands….wildlife and fauna were fabulous! The eagle nest with the two eaglets was a highlight as were the humpback whales, the seals, sealions and mink! The seamanship of Mike and narration of Maureen was much appreciated. ~ The Letts family, Ontario

Great time, wonderfully calming and the knowledge level is very interesting. Maureen’s and Mikes love of the whales and the coast make for an entertaining and enjoyable time on the water. ~ Tom and Angie, BCIMG_8770 IMG_8774 IMG_8778 IMG_8787 IMG_8794 IMG_8799 IMG_8809 IMG_8811 IMG_8814 IMG_8864 IMG_8870 IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8901 IMG_8903

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