Fabulous Humpback Whales this morning and Orcas this afternoon!

What an amazing day we had! With reports of orcas being in the Ecological Reserve this morning and rubbing on the beaches, we took advantage of the light NW winds blowing and sailed out into Blackfish Sound and across to Bold Head where we encountered a humpback whale who was tail-lobbing, two other humpbacks were also sighted. It was fabulous watching as the three whales worked the area in wide circles. On the afternoon tour, the orcas who had spent most of the day in the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve commenced travelling to the west and we met up with them at Kaikash Beach. We sailed part-way back with them trailing our hydrophone while listening to the A-Clan calls of the A23’s and A25’s and it was at the Bauza Islets that we were able to listen to some beautiful calls while they foraged back and forth. Also seen today: dalls porpoises, stellar sea lions, harbour seals, black oyster catchers, black turnstones, bald eagles++ and two eaglets high above the nest, common murres, red-necked phalaropes, rhinoceros auklets, belted kingfishers and gull species.

Today’s penned comments: We saw a family of orcas, we had a spectacular encounter with the big male orca. It was incredible and unforgetable experience. Apart from that we loved the muffins, the scones, the sun, the lectures of our guide, about all we could see (birds, seals etc.). It was an amazing day, and we thank the crew for it. ~ Jansen Family, Netherlands

We had a wonderful time! It was very nice to see them so close and to hear them. ~ Kortwyh, NetherlandsIMG_0160 IMG_0168 IMG_0175 IMG_0183 IMG_0192 IMG_0195 IMG_0207 IMG_0248 IMG_0253

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