Orcas, Humpback & Minke Whales & bow-riding Dall’s Porpoises ~ all of it wonderful!

We had a really interesting day with numerous sightings of cetaceans and bird species throughout. Cruising out through Weynton Passage this morning the Stephensen Islands were of great interest with numerous bald eagles sighted as well as harbour seals and in the ebbing current we enjoyed watching gulls in a feeding frenzy in a back eddy along the Plumper Islands, we also had a brief sighting of a humpback whale on the fog line and a second one passed us as we were midway headed down Blackfish Sound. It was at Cracroft Point that we met up with orcas, some of the I15’s who were as it turns out, spread all across Johnstone Strait in their family groups and the A42’s were also with them. We drifted with our engine off while a group of orcas foraged nearby in the current at Blackney Passage and in doing so we were also able to listen to some beautiful vocalizations via our hydrophone. With orcas still ahead of us we carried on to the west in Johnstone Strait watching some resting and foraging behaviour before we departed the area. Travelling back into Weynton Passage to see a humpback whale, dalls porpoises were suddenly upon us and riding at the bow of our boat much to the delight and joy of all of us! Nearing Cormorant Island in Cormorant Channel another humpback whale was seen at a distance and after departing from Alder Bay, midway to Alert Bay, a minke whale was seen at close range initially but resurfaced a distance behind us and unfortunately a photo of it was not obtained. Also seen today: rhinoceros auklets, common murres, red-necked phalaropes, black turnstones, fork-tailed storm petrels, bald eagles, belted kingfishers, great blue herons, cassins auklets and gull species++.

Today’s penned comments: “Thanks to Mike and Maureen for a lovely experience! The muffins and scones were fabulous as well!” ~ Labro & Isabel, Belgium

“Thank you Maureen and Mike for a wonderful trip, we loved the passion and dedication with which you showed us all the marine mammals and seabirds!” ~ Fam. Mylius-Seinen, NetherlandsIMG_0979 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0990 IMG_0991 IMG_1006 IMG_1028 IMG_1032 IMG_1058 IMG_1061 IMG_1067 IMG_1069

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