Orca and Humpback Whales with phenomenal viewing and beauty!

Today was an exceptional day for viewing humpback whales beginning in Weynton Passage near the Plumper Islands where four whales were suddenly seen surfacing, three together following each other in sequence (or so it seemed) and another close-by off Weynton Island. We enjoyed watching as they moved on feeding intently, watching as well a large herring ball with gulls, auklets and murres galore feeding on it. Today we also noticed the appearance of common murre chicks trailing behind their fathers, a large number having arrived into the area it appears since yesterday, they were a beautiful sight to see! The humpback whales continued to keep us fully occupied, we could not help but be enthralled by their beauty and immense size and grace and watched as one worked intently over a large herring ball with some lunge feeding being observed. We had already observed eight individual whales and were on our way to seeing others when orcas were reported heading west from Boat Bay in Johnstone Strait. We began heading down Blackfish Sound and while doing so we passed three more humpbacks bringing our count to eleven, we also had some great viewing of several stellar sea lions on the way. Resident orcas, the I15’s we encountered in Blackney Passage and enjoyed some superb viewing of them (I16’s), especially that of I51 and her new calf, the viewing was remarkable when they turned and made their way towards us and then passing us as we sat idle and drifting, the viewing was unbelievable! Also seen: harbour seals, rhinoceros and cassins auklets, common murres, fork-tailed storm petrels, black oyster catchers, black turnstones, bald eagles, great blue herons,  dall’s porpoises and gull species.

Today’s penned comments: “The best excursion to see orcas and whales. Thank you so much. See you soon ” ~Florence & Louise, France

“Trip awesome, customer service awesome. Whales were the best!!! Thanks” ~ Ashley & Dawha, Edmonton, AB

“What a fantastic day! Humpbacks, eagles, daddy and baby murres, sea lions, seals, and then up-close with orcas with muffins and scones, what else could you ask for. Thank you so much for this memorable trip”             ~ Kelly, Bowen Island, BC

“This is an amazing trip, we have never had so much action on a whale watching trip. Seeing a baby orca breach must be a once-in a-lifetime-thing! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share your wonderful island with us. And just keep up this enthusiasm!” Sandine & Jacques~ Luxenbourg

“An amazing day!! Thank you very much for this experience.” Jenn & Kolby~ North Vancouver, BCIMG_1299 IMG_1329 IMG_1465 IMG_1437 IMG_1395 IMG_1339 IMG_1505 IMG_1527 IMG_1549 IMG_1553 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1592 IMG_1595 IMG_1245

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