A30’s, A23’s & A25’s + Humpback Whales ~ a relaxed and wonderful day with the whales!

We enjoyed a beautiful day of breathtaking scenic beauty and wonder. The day was a lovely one with not a breath of wind and the orcas seemed to enjoy as well the quiet morning; they were travelling very slowly east from where we first encountered them near the Bauza Islets. We identified the A30’s: A50 and A54 and their calves and also the A23’s, while A38 was seen initially foraging a distance away as well two more orcas were further ahead, the A25’s. Relaxed and leisurely they all swam together, against the ebbing current and going nowhere fast, we observed playful interactions between the younger calves which included jostling, spyhopping, tail and pectoral slapping. They gradually made their way close in along the Vancouver Island shoreline where A38 joined them and they all continued travelling slowly east. We carried on through Weynton Passage where we observed two humpback whales, two more could be seen further out in Blackfish Sound with another making its way towards Weynton Passage off Donegal Head. We enjoyed cruising through the waterways of the Plumper Islands, looking at bald eagle nests high up in the treetops and kelp forests, all glistening brightly in the sunlight and looking so beautiful today! Also seen: harbour seals, a stellar sea lion, dall’s porpoises, fork-tailed storm petrels, bald eagles and newly fledged eaglets, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, belted kingfishers, great blue herons and gull species.

Today’s penned comments: “A generous offering of natures beauty and sea life in the context of gracious hospitality – tea and scones! Thank you.” ~ Judith, Bowen Island, BC

“So appreciate your excellent guidance through this incredible vista after vista, natural history accounts and marvellous things to eat.” ~ Alison, Arizona

“We had an extraordinary experience with the orcas and enjoyed the hospitality of the crew very much. Thank you so much! ” ~ Adriana and Heinz, Switzerland

“This was a fabulous journey and we never had this before. Thanks for your wonderful trip! We would like to do it again.” ~ Amy & family ~ BeiJing, China

“Thank you Maureen & Mike! What a wonderful day I had onboard Seasmoke. The food, the company, sights and weather were all wonderful!” ~ Barb, Ontario

” Maureen’s passion and love for nature and the birds, mammals and the changing light is so exhilarating. The Tuan trip is such an experience. ” ~ Pat, Alert Bay.

“Beautiful BC at its absolute best from a sailboat up close! Islands, kelp forests, seals, birds – and whale watching….accommpanied by hot scones and tea! Thank you so much – a great day! ” Thea, Vancouver BC

“Many thanks to beautiful BC and you guys once again and no fog. All the best.” ~ Marty, Alert BayIMG_3395 IMG_3471 IMG_3489 IMG_3503 IMG_3507 IMG_3546 IMG_3563 IMG_3572 IMG_3577 IMG_3578 IMG_3580 IMG_3585 IMG_3590 IMG_3599 IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3617

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