Beautiful viewing of A30’s & A5’s + 12 Humpback Whales!

We enjoyed a beautiful day with some fabulous viewing of resident orcas A30’s and A5’s (A23’s, A25’s & A42’s) as they swam slowly east from Cracroft Point against the ebbing current towards the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Prior to this we had a wonderful encounter with a group of dall’s porpoises who rode for a time at the bow of our boat, we also observed pacific white-sided dolphins and there were humpback whales in Weynton Passage as we passed by, all of this was ahead of seeing the orcas in Johnstone Strait! The lighting today across the sky and reflecting over the water was ever-changing and beautiful as the four matrilines all came together and made their way towards the Reserve.  It was mesmerizing to watch them and the varying shades of blue, silver and grey tinged with pink, change, moment by moment! We left the orcas as they rested and were drifting near and then on past Izumi Rock in a back-eddy on their way to the Reserve. We had all enjoyed memorable moments with tail slapping, spy-hopping and breaching behaviour observed. Turning up into Blackney Passage it was not long before we encountered our first close sighting of a humpback whale who we identified as KC and as we travelled further into Blackfish Sound and then through Weynton Passage we were all excited to see eleven more humpback whales, some of whom were breaching! Unbelievably, we luckily avoided all of the rain clouds, there were a few sprinklings of rain drops felt and none while partaking of our Devonshire Teas on our way home! Also seen today: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, red-necked phalaropes+++, bald eagles, fork-tailed storm petrels, belted kingfishers, great blue herons, marbled murrelets and gull species.

Today’s penned comments: “Great tour, impressive encounters, all types of weather, nice hospitality! Many thanks!” ~ Joan, The Netherlands

“Really great/amazing/fantastic tour! Don’t often enjoy ‘tours’ but this had a great vibe with two great hosts and amazing boat. We loved seeing all the orcas and humpbacks! Thanks a lot!” ~ Elyse & Elliot, Australia

“Amazing! Seen so many wonderful things on our journey and seen animals do great things. The passion you’ve put into it makes it even more of a great experience. It has been everything I expected and more! Thank you so much! ” ~ Esmeralda, The Netherlands

“I was blessed to do this for the third time and for two days. Saw even more than ever and enjoyed the fabulous scenery which is as special as the creatures we have seen. Humpbacks were a real great extra surprise for me and thanks for muffins, scones and hot chocolate! Hugz!” Marcella ~ The Netherlands (Mum of Esmeralda)

“Great time, the most whales I have seen on any whale watching trip.” ~ Travis, USA

“So many orcas all together! Amazing.” ~ Wim & Janette, Netherlands

“Excellent trip! Lot of pods. We don’t see that in the Netherlands! ” ~Arthur & Anneke, NetherlandsIMG_4082 IMG_4084 IMG_4087 IMG_4091 IMG_4100 IMG_4145 IMG_4171 IMG_4195 IMG_4213 IMG_4286 IMG_4290 IMG_4384 IMG_4402 IMG_4453 IMG_4456 IMG_4460 IMG_4467 IMG_4473

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