Magical mix of Cetaceans ~ Orcas: A30’s & A42’s, Dolphins, Porpoises and Humpback Whales!

It was another fabulous day whale watching with intimate viewing of playfulness between young orcas (siblings and cousins) that we all so enjoyed! The fog was heavy at first but with the sun shining brightly above, it quickly cleared to reveal scenic island waterways, kelp forests and rocky shorelines and soon the dorsal fins of orcas could be seen ahead of us. As we travelled along, prior to seeing the orcas we had a brief encounter with a pair of dall’s porpoises riding briefly at the bow of our boat, a mother and her calf, it was a very special viewing. It was fabulous to see the orcas, the A30’s and A42’s who were foraging in the flooding current in Blackney Passage and also resting momentarily. The younger calves were spy-hopping++, tail and pectoral slapping and jostling back and forth, all of which kept us mesmerized while a humpback whale moved steadily about in wide circles into and out of the fast flowing current. There was so much going on including watching dall’s porpoises and pacific white-sided dolphins in with the mix of orcas and the humpback whale, the problem was in which direction to look to see the most, and to not miss out on seeing a spy-hop or tail slap! It was all wonderful and with our hydrophone deployed we heard resting calls and some foraging echolocations of the orcas while their blows and that of the circling humpback whale punctuated the stillness of the day and the cries of the common murres and gulls and the swirling waters rushing by were all part of the symphony of sounds that we listened to while circling around in the current. Heading back, it was in Weynton Passage that we sighted two more humpback whales feeding and lunging through a herring ball while some orcas, reported to be Transients were sighted far across Johnstone Strait near the Vancouver Island shoreline travelling east, east of Blinkhorn. Also seen today: harbour seals, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, fork-tailed storm petrels, red-necked phalaropes, marbled murrelets, great blue herons, bald eagles and gull species.

Today’s penned comments: “Maureen and Dave are the highlight of the trip. The countless orcas and the feeding humpbacks were ‘OK’. The muffins and scones were ‘edible’ too. We’ll definitely go on this tour again and again. Thank you both sooo much!” Ron & Pat ~ BC

“FANTASTIC JOURNEY. This second time was great. I advise everybody to come with Dave and Maureen. Thank you both for this wonderful journey.” Johan & Tommie ~ Belgium (came in 2003)

“This is the first time seeing orcas for us, that was great. It is always great to see mammals in their own environment. Good time on the boat and great food. Thanks”. ~ Kelly & Harry, Alberta

“Such a wonderful experience! Grateful for the beautiful scenery, whales, tasty food and gracious hosts. Many thanks.” ~ Irene, BC

‘So happy to be here again and see you both. Best ever whale watching and scones and muffins delicious as ever. Many happy memories to sustain us through the winter. ” ~ Murry & Louise, BC

“Thanks for the wonderful day. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Good food, good people. Thank you.”~ Al, BC

IMG_5912 IMG_5936 IMG_5984 IMG_6054 IMG_6067 IMG_6096 IMG_6099 IMG_6110 IMG_6122 IMG_6151 IMG_6169 IMG_6173 IMG_6175 IMG_6176 IMG_6178 IMG_6181 IMG_6182 IMG_6183 IMG_6185

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