The fading evening light ~ all is well in the Bay!

The following photo’s were taken in recent days and weeks and a poem I was inspired to write in an effort to capture the magical moments that were passing so quickly before my eyes from both above the Bay and down at sea level ~ along the boardwalk, main street, Alert Bay.

IMG_9170 IMG_9172 IMG_9176 IMG_9204 IMG_9213 IMG_9217 IMG_9237 IMG_9239 IMG_9242

Fading Evening Light

The light in the sky is fading fast,
pink and orange colours glow while
grey clouds reach on upwards
and will soon engulf the glory.

Scratching amongst the leaves
many tiny legs thrust backwards
as song birds uncover tasty morsels
with haste in the fast fading light.

The cry of a loon heralds forth across
the water that has now turned silver and
shimmers, tinged with blue, the silence
is broken in perfect haunting harmony.

The Bay is calm, the sights and sounds are
mesmerizing and the boardwalk lights are
brightened by twinkling Christmas lights that
reach on outwards and surpass the fading light.

While there is much to worry and care about
all around the world, here on our precious island
rock Heaven surely is and for now, all seems at
peace and is beautiful in our corner of the globe.

~ Written by Maureen Towers
December 12, 2014

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