Journey along the beautiful BC coast ~ our world sustains us all, it’s earthly beauty we must protect for all species …..

Last week we spent time cruising along some quiet waterways that we seldom travel, we were in the company of pacific white-sided dolphins along the way, both on our departure and arrival back into Johnstone Strait. At one point and one particular evening as the sun was setting and we were listening to the robins settling for the night, orca blows and powerful strokes we also heard and two fins were seen off in the distance just as darkness fell. The orcas appeared to be foraging off a rocky outcrop and we assumed them to be Biggs (transient) orcas hunting. It was amazing to hear the sounds of robins and orcas in the same moment, incredible! One so small and of the air and land, the other so large and powerful and of the water only, both species making their way in the world. One cannot help but be reminded that our beautiful world sustains all of us, big and small, it’s earthly beauty we must always protect and share with all species. It is only when we fully understand that it is by nature (water, air, land and oceans ) that we humans are sustained and nourished alongside all other species. Only then will the human race begin in earnest to save what is left of our precious planet earth.

 To care for the living earth is to care for ourselves – unknownIMG_0615 IMG_0609 IMG_0616 IMG_0622 IMG_0643 IMG_0671 IMG_0675 IMG_0689 IMG_0709 IMG_0722 IMG_0647 IMG_0682 IMG_0689 IMG_0713

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