Humpback Whales in their glory ~ a fabulous day of viewing them!

IMG_19700103_190447IMG_19700103_192228IMG_19700103_190039IMG_19700103_190037IMG_19700103_180803IMG_19700103_180642 We had a beautiful sunny morning to start us off today. We saw Dall’s Porpoise’s a plenty and many Pacific Harbour Seals hauled out on rocks and bobbing about in the bull kelp. There were Black Oystercatchers, and one guest keen on birding pointed out some male Harlequin Ducks. A big splash caught our attention and there were three Stellar Sea Lions swimming along and rolling about in the water, the splash and roll was so big, some guests thought it might have been a humpback whale! Five or six blows were seen in the distance and we had wonderful viewing of a several Humpback Whales. One we identified as “Conger”. He was distinguishable by the little patches of algae on the tip of his flukes.There was another big splash and we clearly saw the whole back half of a humpback whale tail slapping the water! It was a magnificent sight that we all enjoyed immensely! The number of Humpback Whales arriving into our area is increasing daily and the surface activity of them lunge feeding is mounting as well with bird activity++ especially that of the Rhinoceros Auklets and Common Murrres in particular. How fortunate are we to visit with so many marine species (birds and mammals) on a regular daily basis in the summer time! We live in a wonderful world here on the North Island!
Today’s penned comments:
“We had a “whale” lot of fun!” Daan, Noa, & Anouschka, Belgium “Loved your hospitality + the perfect sunshine. Thank you.” Mike & Shauna Richards, Perth, Australia
“Sunshine and sealife – a perfect morning! Thank you!” Christy Jones Ohio, U.S.A.
“We enjoyed the trip, very nice. The weather was perfect and the scones and muffins were very nice. Next time we will come to watch the killer whales. Thank you.” Family van der Gaag (Holland)
“Most enjoyable, excellent views of humpbacks, sea lions, etc.” The Williams’, U.K.
 The colour of the sky and sea today was a beautiful blue….the photo’s tell it all!

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