And the rain it fell today with Humpback Whales circling all around ~ it was fantastic!

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How wonderful was our day despite the rain that was falling on and off throughout the tour for there were humpback whales everywhere! Three of them were sighted early on in our tour, one was in Cormorant Channel and the other two were in Weynton Passage, one of them was Guardian, the other Domino! We watched as Guardian and Domino made their way in waters on the south side of the Plumper Islands where a number of diving birds and gulls had gathered. Guardian made her way alongside a kelp forest close into the shoreline and it was fascinating to watch her loll about in the kelp, rising up with kelp draped across her back, she indeed looked like the shoreline and well camouflaged at that!

Cruising through a waterway of the Plumper Islands and out into Blackfish Sound we could see at least five more humpback whales who were working the area, some moving away and some moving towards us as they circled around. It was absolutely beautiful watching all the birds together with the whales feeding alongside one another. The sooty shearwaters were flying about and plunging feet first into the water amongst the common murres and rhinoceros auklets, all of them feeding from below the water on the herring that when panicked, gathered together for safety forming bait balls. The whales would soon arrive and feed while gulls hovered above, waiting for the small fish to be pushed up to the surface (by the feeding birds from below) for them to snatch at and feed upon!

The very habit of our watching the whales and birds was mesmerizing and one was scarcely aware of the falling rain. The lighting was at times surreal, as a soft golden glow upon the water it fell, accentuating the magnificent beauty of the area, captivating all of us and leaving us feeling very much alive and grateful. As the world grows ‘more madder’ by the day, moments like those shared on board the S.V Tuan today, gave to all of us ‘some peace of mind’ and memories for our guests to revisit time and again whenever they need!

Also seen: dall’s porpoises, harbour seals, stellar sea lions, red-necked phalaropes, great blue herons, bald eagles, pelagic cormorants, ribbons of birds migrating south (species unidentified) and gull species.

**We have still to download photo’s from our camera, but today, our iphoto’s will suffice as after-all,’ it was and is’ the feeling that matters most and today, it was sheer bliss for all of us!

Today’s penned comments: “Thank you for the beautiful tour. We saw lots of humpbacks – just lovely.”  Andrea & Yolanda, Switzerland.

“FAN-TAS-TIC!” Sijin & Simone, Belgium

“What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday morning! More than just a tour, thanks!” Carl & Sonja, Belgium

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