Three Gifts At Christmas ~


May the Spirit of Christmas ~ the caring, sharing and the giving of gifts of love, forgiveness and compassion remain heartfelt inside us all throughout Christmas and the coming New Year.

The gift of forgiveness to those who have done wrong against you and to those you have done wrong against, forgive yourself.

The gift of compassion for all species who are suffering in our world. Above all be kind to yourself because it is inside your heart where kindness and compassion is kindled and nurtured.

The gift of love is a gift that needs no wrapping. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is easily recognized when it is given for it radiates tremendous joy and peace on earth, where a beautiful feeling emanates deep within your being. It is heartfelt at its root, it is the light that can reach into the darkest corners of our world. Let your gift of love shine and help heal our world.




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