Once again ~ beautiful humpback whale viewing!

It was another beautiful morning on tour where we found ourselves enjoying peaceful calm waters. Our first sightings were of a group of 50 + pacific white-sided dolphins who were moving quietly along intent on feeding, at the same time a humpback whale surfaced nearby. We watched as the dolphins moved further north and then observed the humpback whale. Other humpback blows were seen further east in Blackfish Sound and as we made our way in their direction, we encountered the dolphins again, they were feeding in the same vicinity as the humpback whales. We have noticed an increase in rhinoceros auklets from yesterday and while they gathered to feed, diving deep, gulls were seen hovering overhead and stopping to feed on the small fish being driven to the surface by the auklets. It was then that we observed some lunge feeding activity by two of the humpback whales which was very exciting to see!  Two more humpback whales were observed bringing our total count to five, one we identified as Guardian, who we observed swimming quickly west towards the other incoming whale, she had been tail lobbing several times  ahead of our seeing the second whale. The two whales surfaced together swimming side by side, at one point Guardian was seen waving her pectoral fin high above the water. Both whales were very relaxed taking long dives of some 19 minutes, and proceeded to travel east towards the auklet activity near Parsens Light in Blackfish Sound. Other sightings included: dall’s porpoises, harbour seals, bald eagles and an eagle sitting on a nest.

IMG_9735 IMG_9720 IMG_9716 IMG_9694 IMG_9689 IMG_9684 IMG_9671 IMG_9648 IMG_9646 IMG_9637 IMG_9634

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