The wonderment of it all on the edge of the rainforest!

There was no sign that the drizzle would clear as we set off on our tour this morning and although it never did, some passengers remarked how their trip would have not been quite as good without witnessing all that we did amidst the wet air with gentle clouds hovering over the rainforest in the background. Our first sightings included a harbour seal mom nursing her brand new pup followed by a single bow-riding porpoise. After 30 years of tours this porpoise may be the first hybrid we have ever seen. It was the result of mating between a harbour porpoise and a Dall’s porpoise and had features of both species but didn’t look exactly like either. After this, we found a total of 4 different humpback whales, including Ridge, a whale we have been seeing in the area for the last 10 years. Prior to heading in we were treated to a fantastic show of several bald eagles fishing on a school of herring. All in all it was a unique, beautiful and fantastic trip and we all stayed dry under the brand new floater suits that we provide.

JRT_2233- JRT_2269-

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