A sun-filled glorious day on the water and humpback whales who did not disappoint us!

An impromptu tour brought its rewards of sunshine, calm waters and splendid whale encounters. We began our tour viewing numerous harbour seals hauled out on the nearby Stephenson Islands accompanied by Bald Eagles perched on the highest limbs of cedar trees, an amazing sight that never disappoints!

Glassy calm waters made for effortless sightings of blows from resident humpback whales. The two humpback whales, Ripples and Guardian kept us company for over an hour as we watched in awe as their giant-sized shimmering bodies surfaced to breathe. In preparation for their deep dives, their flukes arched elegantly to the delight of our happy guests, again and again! The humpback whales ~ just by their sheer size and seemingly effortless movement through the water were mesmerizing to watch!

The day was complimented by the arrival of a pod of Dalls’ porpoise who foraged nearby the humpback whales. We appreciated the sunshine that stayed with us for the remainder of the day while we slowly made our way home cruising through a myriad of island waterways enjoying all of the pristine beauty in our midst.

DSC00891 DSC00886 DSC00887 DSC00896 DSC00890


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