Mesmerizing wildlife all around!

June 30th

It was a calm and tranquil day on the water as we cruised through narrow channels, banked by forests stacked high with cedars and spruce. Twice we witnessed a mating pair of Bald eagles sharing a perch up high on the tip of a tree. We assumed their nest was nearby and after searching through our binoculars we could see the cluster of branches and other debris they use to make their hefty nests.

Since it was high tide, many harbour seals were swimming amongst the kelp, in search of food. Twice we saw a mum with her pup, hauled out on a rock covered in rock weed. We could just make out the small dark lump, nestled beside the much larger speckled mother.

It was a perfect day to find whales. The air was still, the water calm so their blows stood out and lingered in the cool air. Our guests had keen eyes and could easily spot the whales that surfaced in the distance.

We watched two Humpbacks traveling slowly along, only deep diving on occasion then surfacing with such a slow, graceful, effortless motion. In some ways it relaxed us, as we attempted to capture it on camera.

We changed our course and headed in to Blackney Passage, using the flood current to assist us. We were surprised to see another Humpback bucking the current and swimming in our direction. Once shut down we watched the whale approach. It was swimming powerfully and arching its body preparing for a deep dive.

As we pulled in to Alder Bay, our tour drawing to a close, we remained mesmerized by the wildlife of this area as a family of river otters played on the dock we were pulling up alongside; a delightful end to a stunning day.




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