Humpback Whales and a Sea Otter ~ the magic continues!

IMG_4220 IMG_5512 IMG_5640 IMG_6576

It seemed as though the sun came out just for us on our tour today and what a stunner of day it was!
The sea was like a mirror once the strong ebb current slowed during our morning of drifting with the current.

Guardian and Ojo’s Blanco’s, our resident humpback whales, were working hard foraging in large circles in the area just off Stubbs Island. Since we have been seeing them daily, their flukes are becoming very familiar, Guardian with her broad white underside and Ojos Blancos being mostly black.

A highlight during our tour today was the rare sighting of a sea otter! Sea otters are usually seen further north and out on the west coast but every now and again we spot one this far down the Inside Passage which is quite a treat for us locals. This little critter lay on its back in amongst the bull kelp with its furry head and prominent whiskers sticking above the surface of the water. All around this individual were numerous harbour seals lazily lounging on the near by rocks.

Bald Eagles were numerous as well today and we counted at least six on one small islet, some perched in the lower branches of cedar trees while others stood as large features on the ground. Everything looked so stunning under the clear blue sky while we drifted on a calm blue ocean!


 Our Co-Pilots!





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