An abundance of marine-life and spectacular scenic beauty !





Numerous Harbour seals, an abundance of Bald Eagles and countless Red-necked Phalaropes kept us busy on our tour this morning. It’s as though the bird life had tripled since the previous tour, so perhaps a good sign that food has arrived in the area.

Although the skies were laden with clouds, the rain stayed away on the distant horizon and the water was so calm, hardly a ripple existed. We spent the beginning of our tour drifting gently with the slack current, meandering through narrow channels in search of all creatures great and small. Harbour seal pups swam in the shadows of their parent and Bald Eagles investigated their surroundings from the tops of cedar trees.

Out in the open waters of Queen Charlotte Strait, we searched for blows of humpback whales. The hundreds of Phalaropes that fed from the water beside our boat was an easy distraction as it was mesmerizing watching their dainty feet, tip toeing on the surface of the ocean.

We headed deeper into Blackfish Sound and our first blow was sighted just in front of Orca lab on Hanson Island. What a treat it was to watch the breath of this lone humpback lingering in the still air as it surfaced. Eventually we had a good look at the underside of the fluke and one of my guests got a fabulous photo. We were able to identify the whale as Guardian. She seemed to have changed her foraging location. How hard she was working, in search of food and we can only image the energy she consumes in this process.

We are truly blessed having such an array of wildlife in our backyard and how delightful it is to share this with interested, eager and friendly visitors!

IMG_0123 IMG_0128 IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0142 IMG_0150

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