An amazing day with Northern Resident Orcas: A5’s, Sea Otters and Humpback Whales!

Onboard the M.V. Seasmoke this morning we began our tour with light fog and mist in our surroundings. At the bald eagle nest that we have been viewing in recent days, we watched excitedly as one of the parents flew into the nest with a fish for its young eaglet to feast on.

As we toured further, we passed by harbour seals and were very lucky to see a sea otter in amongst the kelp forest! While explaining about the bull kelp forests our young guest Chloe showed a keen interest in the jelly fish she could see floating past the boat!

Hearing a report about orca’s in the area we made our way east and caught up to them as they neared the Robson Bight (Michael Biggs) Ecological Reserve. It was fabulous to see them. They had been identified as the A5 pod and listening on the hydrophone we could clearly hear their beautiful A-Clan calls! Listening to their calls is a truly wonderful sound and adds greatly to the experience of seeing orcas in the wild!

As we headed back to the west we found two humpback whales feeding in the tide rips. It was a fabulous ending to a remarkable day of viewing and with Chloe from Switzerland as AJ’s co-pilot, we headed back home with one last wonderful viewing, of yet another sea otter! Was it the same sea otter that we had seen earlier on in the tour? Of that we cannot be sure!

IMG_0359 IMG_0342 IMG_0292 IMG_0268 IMG_0252 2016-07-16 12.03.59 2016-07-16 09.33.48

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