Orcas and Humpback Whales with superb viewing!


IMG_1020 IMG_1004 IMG_0978 IMG_0887 IMG_0802 IMG_0783 IMG_0780 IMG_0765 IMG_0752 2016-07-20 16.00.28 2016-07-20 15.48.19-1

Our sightings:
Orcas (A24’s), Humpback Whales, Dall’s Porpoise, Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles, Red-Necked Phalaropes, Rhinoceros Auklets, Belted Kingfishers and Gull species.

What a day we shared, seeing orcas and humpback whales on both of our tours with superb viewing on each tour!

On our morning tour we encountered the A24’s near the Sophia Islands in Johnstone Strait where our viewing was wonderful and free from fog. It was at Cracroft Point that we came in sight of a humpback whale feeding in the current while the orcas were also feeding nearby!

As the fog lifted we viewed a Bald Eagles nest with an Eaglet sitting in its nest and travelled back via some narrow passages where we explored the intertidal zone of which the four young children on board so enjoyed seeing, including a mother harbour seal and her pup.

On the afternoon tour we encountered the A24’s once again at the top end of Johnstone Strait. It was really awesome for everyone to see the little calf doing head stands and mini breaches! We had beautiful sunny patches and the orcas were back lit by the sun for much of our viewing.

We visited the same eagles nest and eaglet and as we were watching the eagles, we heard a big blow behind us, sure enough a humpback whale was feeding in Weynton Passage. At the time there was a huge flooding current roaring with a lot of whirlpools and upwellings in which the humpback whale was feeding in. It was quite an experience for our guests onboard the M.V Seasmoke, seeing the whirlpools as we glided and spun around!

We headed deeper into Blackfish Sound and came upon three more humpback whales including Slash and her new calf (see photo insert). Watching the mother and calf side by side was truly wonderful.

We headed home via the Pearse Islands where a harbour seal ripping apart a salmon caught our attention. No matter where one looked, there was always something of interest to see!

It was a very a full, amazing day with so many wonderful sights on both tours.

Photo’s above credits: Kate Hackett and AJ – Andrew Jennings
Please note, these photos were taken with a telephoto lens and cropped

The two photo’s posted below are courtesy of Seasmoke Whale Watching ~
webmail-3.cablerocket.comA110 b 2015 (A24’s)


Small orca with the dorsal fin showing with the splash is A110,  b 2015  and is the calf of A64 (A24’s).

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