Humpback Whales and the A5 Orcas ~ what a fabulous ending to a beautiful day!



IMG_1070 IMG_1067 IMG_1062 IMG_1058 IMG_1037 IMG_1028 DSC_0020 2016-07-21 11.12.05

Our sightings:
Orcas (A5s), Humpback Whales, Dall’s Porpoise, Harbour Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Red-Necked Phalaropes, Rhinoceros Auklets, Belted Kingfishers and Gull species.

We began our tour with fog in our surroundings, fog that is also referred to as ‘Seasmoke’ by some people at times!

Because of a full moon a few days ago, with a low tide, we explored through narrow island passages observing the wonderful under water world of sea urchins and sea anemones. At the Stephenson Islands we had a good look at some harbour seals hauled out on various rocky outcrops of the islands and although the fog persisted, we encountered some Dall’s porpoises feeding in the ebbing current.

Out in the ‘smoke’ we could hear and then see a humpback whale feeding in the current, taking seven minute dives, it would tail fluke each time. As the fog began lifting, we could hear another whale and suddenly, there were three humpback whales in the area, all were feeding in the fast flowing current.

Our second tour of the day began later, in the  beautiful sunny late afternoon, cruising through the Pearse Islands where we observed some Bald Eagles in the trees along with their huge nests. We then headed towards Stubbs Island where we encountered seven humpback whales feeding in the current where we watched mesmerized, some amazing tail flukes by the whales! We had a wonderful visit with Slash and her new calf as they chose to feed closer to us as we sat idle and drifting in the current while they put on an amazing show.  There were also several Dall’s porpoises rooster-tailing all over the place.

Over the radio we heard the call that members of the A5 pod were westing quickly towards the Robson Bight Reserve after having travelled from a distance well further east in Johnstone Strait. Our timing was perfect as we caught up to them at Naka Creek and travelled with them towards the Robson Bight (Michael Biggs) Ecological Reserve. Before they entered into the eastern boundary of the Reserve (of which we cannot enter into), they treated us to some spectacular breaching! Our main viewing was of A61 and A85. The A23s were behind them along the shoreline but further away.

The afternoon was warm with a bit of a breeze blowing. It was incredible viewing and with our passengers made happy and full of smiles, we headed for home.

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