It was an amazing day on the water with whales, waves and sunshine ~ all exhilarating gifts from nature!

IMG_1168 IMG_1166

It was a windy day on the water and a wild ride at times with some fabulous viewing of orcas that included a surprise close encounter of the A30s in Blackney Passage earlier this morning. The experience of being out on the water and in amongst nature was extremely exhilarating and while we sat listening to the A-Clan calls of vocalizing orcas via our hydrophone in quiet waters, it was absolutely phenomenal!

Due to heavy wind and wave action, bird sightings were few today, those identified were Cassin’s Auklets and Bald Eagles and their nests and a few Stellar Sea Lions were sighted along with two Humpback Whales.

Because they were taking long dives and surfacing through the waves, it was not at all easy to identify the orcas and matrilines in our surroundings however, sightings of so many of them passing through Weynton Passage and near to Beaver Cove towards the end of our tour made for a brilliant finale! Orcas in the area today were: A30s, A34s/A46 and the A5s.

With the elements of wind, waves, whales and glorious sunshine, everyone returned back to the Bay, beaming. Their senses were all fully heightened for they were “as high as kites” from their adventure out with us today!


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