Humpback Whales in the morning and a surprise arrival of Orcas, the A35s this afternoon!




IMG_1215 IMG_1201 IMG_1184

Today’s Sightings: Northern Resident Orca’s: A35s on our afternoon tour! Harbour seals, Stellar sea lions, Dall’s Porpoises, Bald Eagles, Belted Kingfishers, Red-necked Phalaropes++, California and Herring Gulls, Marbled Murrelets, Cassin’s Auklets, Common Murres and Black Turnstones. There were also four Humpback Whales sighted on our morning tour and one on our afternoon tour.

What a day of variation with some beautiful viewing of Humpback Whales on our morning tour, especially of the whale we identified as Inukshuk and seeing all of the activity around a bait ball that included Bald Eagles fishing!

The report had orcas a long distance away on our morning tour and so on our afternoon tour, we were thrilled to hear that orcas were reported westing at Swain Point! It was a welcome and surprise viewing that delighted everyone as we encountered the A35s near to Swain Point and observed them foraging as far as Cracroft Point. Listening to their A-Clan calls was a highlight and was so enjoyed by everyone. After the heavy winds in recent days, it was a treat to find the seas calm once more with barely a breath of wind.

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