A brilliant day with amazing encounters ~ Orcas, Humpback Whales, a Minke Whale and a Black Bear!


Minke Whale


Steller Sea Lion

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Today’s Sightings: Northern Resident Orcas, Humpback Whales, one Minke Whale, Dall’s Porpoises, one Harbour Porpoise, one Black Bear, Steller Sea Lions hauled out and swimming, Harbour Seals, Rhinoceros and Cassin’s Auklets, Red-Necked Phalaropes, Bald Eagles, Pigeon Guillemots, Common Murres, Belted Kingfishers, Common Murres and Gull species.

It was an incredible day beginning with a stormy morning and ending later in the afternoon with a bright blue sky, sunshine and calm waters! We began our tour observing a Black Bear as it foraged along a beach, it was really interesting for everyone to see, especially those who had never seen a Black Bear in the wild before! We encountered the A30s and A42s surfing in the waves in Blackney Passage and we were also lucky to hear their A-Clan vocalizations. On the way home there were three Humpback Whales including Squiggles.

On our afternoon tour the same orcas were foraging and socializing near Cracroft Point. Their A-Clan vocals were amazing to listen to and some passengers on-board became very emotional hearing their call’s. One can never explain the feelings that emerge from deep inside when sounds such as these are heard for the first time as they are so beautiful! The current was flooding and it was amazing to watch the swirling waters passing by.

A highlight of the day has to be the sighting of a Minke Whale, a rare sighting for us to see this summer! It was an amazing trip with so much to see along the way including the 20+ Steller Sea Lions and six or more Humpback Whales on the way home!


Photo Credits: Muriel Halle and Seasmoke Whale Watching. Photos are taken by telephoto lens and have been cropped.


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